Established in 1982, Öztek Group acts with a vision of ‘NO COMPRIMISE ON QUALITY’ applying it in each stage of any segment the Group pioneered. Having been in service in the sectors of textile, tourism, garment industry, construction, free zone investment and management, Öztek Group keeps up with the time through notable Research& Development work and innovation. The Group continues to advance via contemporary and innovative work in the sectors of office- work place and residential construction. Having been in a remarkably steady growth from the day it was established, Öztek Group attained the most respected reward of becoming a critical actor in the world of local and global economy, through serving Turkey by working seriously and doing high-quality work in any sector or investment it has undertaken.

Öztek Yapı is the new brand of Öztek Group, through which the Group intends to carry on high-quality, modern and functional constructions to be built on the company’s own lands without any financial concern. Öztek Inc. offers a brand new projection for investors who aspire to different projects.

Öztek Yapi will be ‘presenting to future’ its valued projects which comprise modern and functional offices and work places located in multiple districts of İstanbul, particularly in Çağlayan and Kağıthane as well as its special residential alternatives in matchless locations of Bodrum and Çeşme.